>Menu Plan Monday – March 30


Another wonderful week is upon us and I am so excited to see what God has planned for our family! We have a busy week planned as we lead up to Easter week – a few meetings, a community egg hunt at the lake, and a trip to the in-laws farm. We are being blessed with mild temperatures and lots of sunshine to enjoy our outings this week.

Please visit Laura for hundreds more menu plans!

Monday –
B – cold cereal for little man, I had a bagel with cream cheese
D – Italian chicken
Bake – chocolate chip breakfast biscuits

Tuesday –
B – waffles with strawberry sauce
D – jambalaya in crock pot (carryover from last week)

Wednesday – church night
B – oatmeal with bananas
D – vegetable beef soup (from the freezer) with cornbread muffins
Bake – Yogurt coffee cake muffins (double batch)

Thursday –
B – yogurt coffee cake muffins
D – Taco pinwheel
Prep – chicken enchilada filling out of freezer

Friday –
B – scrambled eggs, toast
D – pizza
Prep – large batch of chicken enchiladas for family at church

Saturday –
B – DH will make something
L – hopefully we’re going to an egg hunt at the lake, so I’ll pack a picnic lunch
D – something on the grill; we have steaks, chicken, and pork chops in the freezer, so I’ll let DH pick; grilled potatoes and onions, deviled eggs

Sunday –
B – DH is playing in the praise band at church. He’ll grab a bacon, egg, cheese biscuit cup from the freezer; little man and I will likely have oatmeal
L – we’re taking little man to see DH’s parents for a few days which means a big ‘ole Southern style spread at their house – yummy!!!
D – turkey breast in crock pot


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