>Menu Plan Monday – April 13

He is risen!!!! What a glorious season of year for those who know the power of Jesus Christ. We had an amazing visit this morning at DH’s grandma’s church and WOW – the pastor was wonderful! I just love my hubby’s family – there are about 40 people including 15 children and food, chaos, hugs, and tons of love! It is great to see our son growing up knowing his cousins and enjoying spending time “down on the farm.”

I spent some time looking through my MIL’s cooking magazines – Taste of Home, Sandra Lee, Paula Deen – and am inspired to try some new recipes over the next few weeks. We also came home with a van-load of sweets, so there will not be much preparation of true “sweets” in our home this week. I’ll do the basics, but nothing over the top with sugar. We all need to get back to our normal eating routine.

On to the menu – as always, check out Org Junkie for more inspiration!

Monday –
B: Waffles with strawberry sauce
D: Pork Carnitas with rice, tortillas, and all the sides
Bake: Banana Bread

Tuesday –
B: Banana Bread with cream cheese, homemade applesauce
D: Aussie Chicken, sweet potatoes, broccoli

Wednesday – church night
B: Banana bread and applesauce
D: Pepperoni & Cheese Bread, salad

Thursday –
B: Waffles with strawberry sauce
D: Shrimp Alfredo, salad (I use this recipe for the sauce and add shrimp rather than chicken)

Friday –
B: Scrambled eggs and toast
D: It’s my first ever Bunko night, so I’ll snack there. I will make chicken nuggets for the men and they can make fries (I know, not healthy!)

Saturday –
B: DH will make pancakes and bacon
D: Grill night (the protein will depend on the grocery store sales this week): meat, onions and potatoes, and asparagus all done on the grill – hooray easy clean up!!!

Sunday –
B: Banana Bread and Butter Pudding (this looks decadent!) with strawberry sauce
D: Chicken Fried Rice


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  1. >Pepperoni and cheese bread sounds good! How did it turn out?

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