>Bulk Cooking and Cooking Clubs

>A few months ago, 3 girlfriends from church and I formed a casserole club. It has been wonderful for our families to have nutritious, healthy meals in the freezer for those days when things are just a bit hectic. Our club is pretty basic – we meet once a month (or so) and swap. Each member makes 3 cassseroles and takes home 3 different ones each time.

I have pondered with my mom and another friend here whether actually shopping together and then cooking would be more cost effective. I’m still trying to figure that part out, but Kate over at Happy to Be at Home has done a lot of the legwork for me – hooray! Check out her new series about cooking clubs. She is doing some promotional work for Sam’s Club in particular, but the method and tips would certainly apply to any warehouse club.

I’ll be following her series and praying about how to incorporate her ideas into our budget and lifestyle. I hope you enjoy it too!


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  1. >Could yo usend me some great casserole recipes? I really could use them!!!

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