>Menu Plan Monday – May 18

We didn’t eat many of our planned meals last week, but we did eat every day! Most of the deviation came from our house being on the market and late afternoon showings. That’s okay with me since it led to an offer! Hooray – under contract in 2 weeks. God is so good!!!! We also found a house that we love and the sellers accepted our bid. It’s going to be a wild month here with inspections, packing, closing, and then moving. I am still planning to post a monthly menu plan for June, although it will be packed with easy meals and some tips for cook once, eat twice meals. Look for it later this week.

I’m going to be pretty un-inspiring over the next few week – head over to OrgJunkie.com for more ideas!

Weeknight Dinners:

Baking and Snacks:



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2 responses to “>Menu Plan Monday – May 18

  1. >Congratulations on the contract on your house and finding a new home! God is good!Your menu sounds great! Blessings and best wishes,Lisa

  2. >That is great to have your house sell so quickly! I’ll have to try the pizza casserole recipe- my kids would like that!

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