>Menu Plan – Week of July 26

>We are in the middle of a tremendous heat wave here. As with many parts of the country, our average temperatures are at least 10 degrees above normal. That’s simply too hot to grill … sniffle! You all know how much I love having DH toss meat on the grill and calling dinner “done.” We’ve actually used to slow cooker a few times this week! This coming week holds a few days of intense cleaning and re-organizing for me, as little man will be at the in-laws farm. I have a list longer than my arm of things I’d like to get done. I’ll keep you posted!

Weeknight Dinners:

  • Creamy Corn Chowder with homemade French Bread
  • Beef tacos, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. with homemade guacamole and chips
  • DH and I will get sushi one night while little man is out of town
  • Chicken and gravy over saffron rice with green beans

Wishing you a blessed week in your home!


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One response to “>Menu Plan – Week of July 26

  1. >I am definitely trying that Corn Soup recipe soon – I think my kiddos would love it!

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