>Days 3 & 4 – 31 Days to Build a Better Home

>I am absolutely loving this challenge over at Today’s Housewife! A few moments a day really is all it takes to get something done. The challenge for day 3 was to teach your child(ren) to help in a new way. This is not exactly a totally new thing for us, but it’s always a struggle – donating toys! We spent some time yesterday sorting and he did pretty well:The carton above will go to his new preschool in a few weeks. I am hoping to add much more to it before school starts.

The challenge for day 4 – today – is to clean a spot that no one sees. For us, it’s our stairs leading up to the bonus room. Very few people see this spot – including me since there’s a door I usually keep closed. It’s far too easy to let things pile up on the stairs thinking “I’ll take that up next time I go.”

Well, I haven’t been up there in several days. And on my last few trips, I have simply walked right past the piles. So, today was the day! And it only took 20 minutes – sheesh!! Why did I wait so long?It’s not too late to join in!!



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2 responses to “>Days 3 & 4 – 31 Days to Build a Better Home

  1. >I love it! Stuff piles on my stairs too. Great job and thanks for joining in!

  2. >Woohoo! Don't you feel so productive?! Glad you are joining in the challenge! Thanks for sharing it!

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