Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Is today really all about shamrocks, leprechauns, and green beer?  In an attempt to have something more substantial to tell our little man, I went on the hunt for the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day.  Thanks to the great folks over at Disney Family Fun, I didn’t have to look far!  They have a ton of fun recipes and crafts on the site to celebrate today, but my favorite thing is the article about the history and meaning of the holiday.  From the article:

“Born in Britain during the 4th century, St. Patrick was kidnapped and enslaved by Irish raiders when he was a teenager. Although he was able to escape after six years and become a priest in Britain, he later chose to return to Ireland as a missionary, in order to help spread the teachings of Christianity to pagans. According to Irish folklore, he also used a shamrock to explain the Christian concept of Trinity to the Irish. In spite of continuous opposition from pagan leaders, he continued to evangelize for thirty years while baptizing newly converted Christians and establishing monasteries, churches, and schools. He died on March 17th and was canonized by the local church.”

That definitely shines a new light on this special day in the middle of March.  I loved watching little man’s face as we talked about how brave Patrick was as a teenager to escape from captivity.  We also enjoyed talking about how God often pushes us to overcome our own fears and objections to do great things for Him.  I imagine Patrick was not too keen about the idea of returning to Ireland at first.  But, when God whispers, nudges, and pushes us to do His work, not our own, we can achieve far more than we ever thought possible.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


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