What’s in a Number?

244 … 197 …what does it matter?  LOADS!!

Anyone familiar with the way we measure cholesterol in the US will likely agree those 2 numbers are way-bad for folks in their mid-30’s.  Talk about a very unwelcome wake-up call this week!  Thankfully, we are coming into the time of year where we are outside more, eating more fresh fruit and veggies, and generally more active than we are in the winter months.

I have been not very dedicated to running for a few months, but will certainly be increasing my exercise as the weather warms.   I have also signed up for 2 upcoming 5K races.  Nothing like a deadline to motivate me!

We will be eating, just not as extravagantly and cheese-filled as we have been.  The plan for this week:

I will also be baking Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins for easy snacks and on-the-go breakfasts this week.

I’ll definitely keep you posted on our lifestyle changes and the results after a few months.  Swimsuit season is coming AND our arteries aren’t going to get cleaner on their own!!


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