One Thousand Gifts: 1-10

Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience has written an amazing book, and several hundred blog posts, about being grateful, thankful, joyful, and full of praise in ALL circumstances.  I will share more thoughts as I read through her book, but I definitely wanted to jump in and begin sharing my own list of One Thousand Things.

1.  Freckles across the bridge of little man’s nose.

Freckles, big blue eyes, and a smile to light up a room - that's our boy!

2.  A yard that needed new grass seed.  Which led to sprinklers on the 2 hottest days of the year thus far.

3.  Big colorful roses running up the trellis in the yard

4.  Laughing with my dad

5.  Remembering the bright penetrating smile of a friend who went home to be with Jesus one year ago today

6.  Exuberant end of the day hugs from little man.  There’s not much better than him running across the room at full speed to be swept up in a hug.

7.  New beginnings, the fulfillment of the Easter promise.

8.  An empty laundry basket

9.  Throwing the football outside with little man

10.  Dinner on the grill


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One response to “One Thousand Gifts: 1-10

  1. an empty laundry basket! Victory! congrats on the beginning of your gratitude journey! I’ve been at it since August 2009… it. has. changed. my. life. blessings to you!

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