September Menu Plan

DH discovered the most amazing “box” a few months back.  It’s a Western Digital box that he hooked to the TV in the living room.  It streams Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, and many other internet media sources.  Since we were in the midst of the summer TV slump, and not much on TV was little-man appropriate, we started watching oodles of Netflix.  We made it though 70+ episodes of X-Men Evolution in a few weeks, have watched the whole series of The Avengers, and are now on to Power Rangers.  Did you know there are about a dozen different PR series?  Yep, there are!  And little man loves the m all.  Cheesy 90’s TV has been introduced to our little one born in 2005 and he LOVES it.

After little man heads off to Land of Nod, DH and I have been getting all educated watching food documentaries.  Think Food, Inc., Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and my personal fave, Ingredients.  We have been appalled by what we’ve seen and are making some changes.  We have started eating vegetarian several nights a week.  I’m not opposed to meat, but we don’t crave it anymore.  I will be diligent about using up what is in the freezer, I can’t stomach the thought of wasting any food.  But, moving forward, meat purchases will be few and far between.  Getting our 5 year old son into the routine is proving far more difficult.  We are definitely learning patience and leading by example.  One meal at a time, right?


  • Portobello mushrooms stacks with fresh mozzarella, homemade pesto, and garden fresh tomatoes with a green salad
  • Quiche with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and broccoli with a green salad
  • Mushroom Alfredo with salad
  •  Quinoa and Black Beans
  • Long Weekend Grilled Salad
  • Bean and Potato Tacos
  • Homemade Pizza – we had gotten away from this, but have found a new love for it when topped with mushrooms, roasted peppers, Kalamata olives, turkey pepperoni, and fresh mozzarella cheese.  Totally decadent!  We’ll be having pizza most Friday nights.
  • Lazy Chiles Rellenos with corn tortillas and fruit
  • Roasted chicken with carrots, onions, and potatoes; green beans
  • Quesadillas – we’ll use the leftover chicken and then probably have black bean & corn at least one other time this month
  • Black bean burritos with brown rice
  • Veggie stir fry with brown rice
  • Spicy Honey Chicken with coleslaw and pasta salad
  • Vegetable egg rolls with Asian style slaw
  • Broccoli and Three Cheese Soup with some sort of yummy bread


I know that’s not 30 meals, but it’s a good start!




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One response to “September Menu Plan

  1. Thanks for mentioning Ingredients. Had not even heard about that one. Watched Food, Inc, and haven’t been the same since.
    Making small changes here, as the natives aren’t totally with me on the aversion to meat. But, I can see a glimmer, off in the future somewhere!

    And, If I’m cooking meat, I don’t have to eat it. Meals are more varied, so I can eat the same meal, and just pass on the part of the meal I’m aiming to reduce here. Works for me!

    It helps that I’m a gardener & we’re eating from the back yard right now. I’ll have to be a bit more creative during the winter. (garden isn’t big enough to put up enough to hold us over til next spring)

    Thanks for your list of meal suggestions…………I’ll be splicing them in here!


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