October Menu Plan

October is probably my favorite month of the year.  The weather here in the South is finally turining toward Autumn, little man’s birthday is this month, college football is in full swing, and it just feels right to braise, roast, and slow cook.  We are continuing on with more vegetarian meals and have started to feel a lot better.  We all have more energy and are sleeping far better.  DH will get a cholesterol recheck in a few months, so that will be the true measure.  The month ahead will be a busy one as soccer continues and we all adjust to little man starting kindergarten.  I am looking for frugal, comforting meals and I think I have found some.  Many are new, some are variations of fall favorites.  I will try to be more consistent about posting the recipes and reviews. 

Here’s a fun photo of little man that marked the start of our fall season – apple picking with great friends!

Climbing high for his apples!

Dinners: (* denotes a slow cooker meal)


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